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October 16, 2012 / Political Fluency

Event #4 Preview – How Romney Can Become the Clear Favorite Tonight

Alexis Simendinger offers a lot of helpful advice for President Obama in tonight’s debate.

One pointer applies to both men:

Town-hall sessions demand storytelling, not PowerPoint slides, and if a candidate tells a story that favors his candidacy while interacting with the audience in front of him, he wins. Reality TV is hugely popular, and Obama and Romney may see Tuesday night’s conversation as a way to tell their stories through the perspectives of the men and women in the room with them.

This is what makes the town-hall difficult for both candidates tonight. Mitt Romney has trouble connecting with average folks while Obama needs to be aggressive and even attack Romney tonight. Similar to how George Lucas spent a lot of time in Episode II – Attack of the Clones just getting his prequel story back on track from the abomination that was Episode I – The Phantom Menace, President Obama’s complete no-show performance in the first debate sets him so far back that Romney may be able to win for two reasons.

The first is that Obama being aggressive and attacking the man sharing the stage with him are two things that could be a turn-off with regular people sitting that close. And the second reason is my advice for Romney.

Romney can win the debate in the first few questions with a statement or series of statements along the lines of

“You saw the President debate me two weeks ago when he wanted to just move on to another topic and didn’t want to discuss his failed record over the past 4 years and his plans for more of the same failed policies in the next 4 years. Last week you saw his Vice President Joe Biden who was laughing and interrupting during serious discussions about our economy and jobs and our foreign policy. What you saw was an Administration that is out of ideas. Their vision for the next 4 years is what happened these past 4 years: bigger goverment, more spending on stimulus plans that don’t work, using federal subsidies to give money to their friends  in companies like Solyndra that go bankrupt, and a job-killing Obamacare plan that gets fully implemented 15 months from now. All this Administration has done in this campaign is attack and demonize me and my running mate Paul Ryan. That’s all they can do with no new ideas and a failed record of the old ideas. It’s time for new ideas and a new Administration to get on the road to a robust recovery with 12 million new jobs and I’m the one that can do that.”

I knew Romney was running a rope-a-dope campaign and that was smart, but I am shocked he took this long to begin punching back. Now that the blows are landing, we are going to have a tight contest that’s going to end in a split decision.


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