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June 18, 2012 / Political Fluency

The Father’s Day Wit & Wisdom of G-Eminem

Somehow I had greater expectations that the CDC’s cover story for the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse would be more imaginative than “bath salts”.

Even at the end of days the government disappoints.


If Romney is actually ahead in Michigan it means that all 57 states are in play.

Wow: Romney edging Obama 46/45 … in Michigan – Hot Air


A: No

RealClearPolitics – Is Minnesota in Play for Romney?


Dead to me.

Rand Paul endorses Romney


Political Fluency – C’mon man, the Dems have everything to lose this year. With Obamacare deballed with minimal implementation (Romney winning) or overturned completely (Chief Justice League Roberts), it will be like Obama was never President except for tons of spending. And let’s face it, that Stimulus might have saved countless municipalities from bankruptcy and the economy would be way worse.

And all that spending might have helped conservatives in the long run by destroying Clinton’s branding of the Dems as a fiscally responsible party and exacerbated the debt and deficit issues to such far out numbers where a majority are amenable to Paul Ryan’s plan.


One nice thing about our rapidly approaching economic collapse is that we will soon be able to watch Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell pound the sh*t out of each other on Meet the Press.

Which is nice.

Greek Political Debate Turns Violent


PF – Greece: Where a woman that doesn’t know her place…is SHOWN her place.


Sweden moves down the Laffer Curve.

Booming Sweden’s Free-Market Solution


I’m skeptical number crunching can overcome a moribund economy, but If you appreciate the power of data mining, this is pretty cool.


Obama’s data advantage – Lois Romano



“We frolic in mystery. Nobody knows anything. You know what I mean. Comparatively.” ~John Piper, last evening, on the mystery and majesty of the love the Father and the Son have for one another


Go therefore and make disciples…

Paul’s disciples seek local offices


Okay, maybe he’s a dirty, painted whore, but there are still some instances when Rand Paul is better than his 99 colleagues.

Sen. Rand Paul joins Oregon Sen. Wyden’s push for legal hemp –


The good news about the government having too many drones is that your underemployed 20-something living in the basement will soon be able to get a certificate from Dunwoody Institute to learn to spy on their neighbors for $19,000/year.

Border agency overextended on drone program


PF – Get these damn things out of American sky!
Get a warrant for using them for surveillance. That’s it.

“Drones are instruments of war. Stop this now!” – The Hammer


The only question is whether they’ll grant out-of-state licenses.

Indiana law lets citizens shoot at police


Breaking: Bush and Obama both suck a$$

Laffer and Moore: Obama’s Real Spending Record


G-Eminem chooses to celebrate Flag Day as a symbol of what our nation once was – a constitutional republic – rather than what it has become: a globe-straddling empire.


BREAKING: Republicans suck a$$ just as bad at corporatism as Democrats

Hatch’s Solyndra: Government picks another loser | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner


Sugar is evil.

Why our food is making us fat


We’re funked.

A Global Perfect Storm by Nouriel Roubini


Happiness is lazily sipping an MGD with your dad and listening to Uecker call the Brewers’ game.


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