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May 30, 2012 / Political Fluency

Oh Matty D

Matt Drudge is the man. He’s one of the best headline writers of all time. Sometimes his bias leads to some silliness, but then there’s occasions like today where his Top Bold headline wasn’t even remotely a news story.


From the article itself:

At the Hyundai plant in Montgomery, Alabama more than 20,000 people have applied for one of the 877 job openings. [PF – 22.8 Applicants per Job]

The surge of people applying may seem unusual, but it’s not.

Take a look:

  • Last summer Ford had more than 18,000 people apply for one of 1,800 jobs at the retooled Louisville plant. That plant will open and start building the Edge SUV in mid-June. [PF – 10 Applicants per Job]
  • In 2011, more than 41,000 applied for one of the 1,300 positions at the new Toyota plant in Tupelo, Mississippi. [PF – 31.5 Applicants per Job]
  • In 2009, more than 65,000 applied for one of the 2,700 jobs at the new Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, TN. Since opening, that plant has added shifts and is currently hiring another 820 workers. [PF – 24 Applicants per Job]

It’s pretty ridiculous when the article Drudge wanted us to view diminishes his histrionic headline within a few paragraphs.

Careerbuilder’s survey in 2009 claimed more than 75 applicants per job posting. This seems low because I’ve read in many job-hunting books that there are hundreds of applicants per job posting. Anecdotally, my former company received over 300 resumes after posting once on back in 2004 when the unemployment level was much lower. In 2011, Google hired 7,000 employees after receiving 2,000,000 resumes — that’s 285 applicants per job!

Please disperse. There is nothing to see here.



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