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May 8, 2012 / Political Fluency

Pardon My French

But what the hell is France doing?

It’s understandable that the country was angry at incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy for his insufferable wife and an even more insufferable leadership style where he showed only the tough part of the tough love measures that France needed to implement in order to balance its budget.

They put into power a man who is a Socialist with a capital “S” because that is the party he represents. The Socialist Party in France is the equivalent of the Democratic Party in America. And that says a lot about how tolerant France is to socialist economic philosophy.

Americans are so resistant to the S-word here that when some on the right called Barack Obama a socialist, there were media stories that it was a harsh insult and some even saying it was because the right couldn’t use the N-word!

But what also says a lot are the words of the new President of France, Francois Hollande.

“My true enemy has no name, no face, no party. He will never stand for election and will never be elected. Despite all this, he is in charge. My enemy is the world of finance.”

Now I don’t have a lot of love for way overpaid mathematicians, but it is even worse that Hollande uses the four-letter F-word:

“I will be a president of justice. Before taking any decision, I will ask myself: ‘Is this fair?'”

How Solomonic of him!

In what universe is it fair to take 75% of someone’s earnings? What about someone earning 999,000 euros? Will they be taxed at a rate that allows them a higher take home (after-tax) pay than someone earning a million or more? How is that fair?

Hollande has no intention of being a centre-left President of France. He is looking to implement hardcore government intervention into the French economy.

At least we’ll get a preview of how it’s failing… I mean, going! by the time our Election Day rolls around.


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