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March 31, 2012 / Political Fluency

The Month-End Wit & Wisdom of G-Eminem

Gary has been called “The thinking man’s sociopath.”

Comment – I’ve been called the selfish man’s narcissist.


The Trayvon Martin killing makes me sick.

Emmit Till 2012: The case of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin


Keep in mind that less than 24 months ago this woman was third in line of succession to the presidency.

Pelosi: Never mind the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence authorizes Obamacare – Hot Air


“Thou shalt not suffer a human resources representative to live”

My new translation of the Bible is coming along great. ~Martin Andrade


I just heard from my publisher. My new latest book on parenting, “Behavior Modification Through Ridicule and Affirmation Deprivation” is about to go to press.


Rick Santorum continues to build impressive margins in the snake-handler/family cadaver-friendly regions of the country.

Will a Santorum win in Louisiana change GOP race? –


I’m confused by the verbiage in press accounts about Vice President Cheney’s “new” heart. That would imply he had one previously.


The only thing that could make me enjoy Alex Baldwin’s narration of ‘The Frozen Planet’ more is if he did it in character as Jack Donaghy.

Political Fluency – You mean Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross


Question: will SCOTUS uphold ObamaCare by a 5-4, 6-3 or 7-2 margin?

Steve – If they uphold this mandate wouldn’t the smart thing for all of us to do is get in to the Health Insurance business? I mean you now have the first industry that the federal government will require people to buy your product. Guaranteed income forever…or until the whole system collapses in about 4 years.

Political Fluency – They’ll rule 5-4 that the individual mandate is unconstitutional = my guess.

Steve, actually working in health insurance would be the worst thing to do within the decade. I’m in the business and we’re screwed. There won’t be much new influx of revenue because people are going to pay the $700 fine instead of the $10,000 premium.

The only people that purchase health insurance need care and without Pre-Ex they will be a net loss for the insurance carrier. Multiply by hundreds of thousands or even millions and insurance companies start going bankrupt leading to… no one providing health insurance.

Oh wait, American people! We have One. Last. Resort! It’s what every other industrialized nation already does!

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is one of the most brilliant strategic laws ever passed.

G-Eminem – Upheld 6-3 with Chief Justice Roberts writing the majority opinion.

PF – See I believe that Roberts cannot wait to strike down this law. He has played the Novak Djokovic role to the Republicans’ Federer and Obama’s Nadal for years and has been primed to pounce and show who the best MC is.

I also believe that which doesn’t kill you makes you… stranger.


Breaking: noted theocrat who loathes Mitt Romney would be delighted to be his bitch.

Exclusive: Rick Santorum Doesn’t Rule Out Possible VP Slot: “I’ll do whatever is necessary to help o


SCOTUS will either overturn 5-4 or uphold 6-3 with CJ Roberts voting with the majority so he can write the opinion to narrow the implications.

The fate of the republic depends on which side of the bed Justice Kennedy wakes up in June.


formiArgument recap: It is Kennedy’s call : SCOTUSblog


I hope Jeffrey Toobin’s analysis is correct.

Check that. I pray it is correct.

Toobin: Obama healthcare reform law ‘in grave, grave trouble’



Solicitor General Coughs, Stumbles, Stutters Through ObamaCare Defense


PF – He seriously is awful.

The whole law is a huge Punking on Americans. They got rid of CLASS, the vouchers, then they delayed the W-2 reporting a year, and they delayed the Auto-Enroll. Which means state exchanges are definitely getting delayed as they are massive orders of magnitude more complicated than those last two easy things that lazy HR people (redundant, I know) just didn’t want to prepare for.


Comment – I liked the part where Roberts pretty much admitted they wouldn’t have be able to overturn a single payer system, but this law… that’s pretty much a completely different story. I bet there’s 3 different rationales for the majority decision. Everyone is going to want to write it.


PF – Without hearing the original quote, a single payer system would contain no mandate to compulse anyone to do anything. Everyone is covered. Just like when your employer switches Life insurance carriers. It’s invisible to the employees. A single-payer system is probably constitutional.



Originalist pr0n.

Audio: Scalia lectures Verrilli on enumerated powers – Hot Air



We have a year left. If we’re lucky.

Peter Schiff: Market Crushing Treasury Collapse To Hit Around 2013 – Forbes



I have a question for you politico-types. Every 4 years 8-10 major party candidates endeavor to win their party’s presidential nomination. All but one of these individuals will exit the race with millions of dollars in debt. More often than not, that debt is not paid off for months or years (if at all).

Q: If I’m a vendor, why do I even think about entering into a supplier contract with any but the most solid of front runners?


Lloyd – Because you belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!


PF – Isn’t this what makes politics so fascinating?
Logical people acting in the most illogical manner possible because of Beliefs and Narratives usually imposed since childhood? One of which is the idea that we can control external forces and that is an emotional feeling that is so powerful it overrides objectivity.

Lloyd nailed it!


The coming Obama-Romney cock fight reminds me of an old Woody Allen quip:

“One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”


This isn’t the least bit creepy.

Meet the real-life Barbies: Internet craze sees teenagers turn themselves into freakish living dolls



The alarming thing is that the party ostensibly in favor of federalism somehow thought marriage came under their purview in the first place.

Republicans retreat on gay marriage – Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer



The best Cab I’ve ever had.

Twenty Rows Cab 2008



G-Eminem – wishes his life was more like a delightful British comedy, complete with side-splitting catchphrases and intermittent guest appearances by Ricky Gervais and John Cleese.


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