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March 19, 2012 / Political Fluency

The Exquisitely Bitter Wit & Wisdom of G-Eminem

The Onion: Where parody comes dangerously close to truth.

Voters Slowly Realizing Santorum Believes Every Deranged Word That Comes Out Of His Mouth


I’m dismayed how many Republican types are saying Rush Limbaugh is somehow being denied his “free speech”. People need a remedial education in the First Amendment. Of course, Limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants. Just as his sponsors have the right not to pay for it.

There is a big difference between censorship and sponsorship.


Scott Walker is one of those dangerous politicians who does exactly what he promised to do.

Promises Kept


No one’s going anywhere. We’ll be on the couch shaking our heads and chuckling on election night.

Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election?


Mark – ‎”Even Obama’s campaign plans to court disaffected Paul backers, highlighting their common ground on the budget and foreign policy.”



Political Fluency – Mark,

That made my day!

The foreign policy is the same as George W. Bush’s and the budget… I mean, what do you even say about that?


Yes. Yes it is.

Is This the Best Startup Launch Video Ever?


Do you know what I could use more of right now? Minions. A fella can never have enough minions.


It’s sad watching Republican-types get predictably apoplectic about the $1M lottery winner who continued to collect food stamps while they ignore the fact we are less than a decade removed from the GOP-led Congress creating that bankrupting entitlement monstrosity known as Medicare Part D.

Forest, meet trees.


G-Eminem has spent a lifetime erecting a self-imposed psychological prison.


New York Times:

“President Obama, who came to office promising transparency and adherence to the rule of law, has become the first president to claim the legal authority to order an American citizen killed without judicial involvement, real oversight or public accountability.”

The Power to Kill


Liberty is twice as popular as it was 4 years ago. Regrettably, that is unlikely to be enough this rodeo.

Ron Paul’s Voter Base Doubled Since 2008, Analysis Reveals @PolicyMic | Hamdan Azhar



Word is that Ron Paul’s organization is sweeping broad swaths of Minnesota Senate Districts this weekend.

Better yet, it’s not just here. Friends of liberty are seizing control of party apparati in Nevada as well.

Liberty is taking up residence, my friends.

Paul supporters seize control of Clark County GOP party


No matter how poorly your weekend is going you can rejoice in this: unlike Rick Santorum, your pear-shaped, corpulent, fish-belly white torso has not been splashed across the front page of Drudge for the last 36 hours.


What’s another $6.4T between friends?

CBO: Exploding debt under Obama policies – David Rogers


“Wow! That’s an great looking pair of Crocs!”, said no one, ever.


Unfortunately, any fuel savings that would be realized would be more than offset by owners’ frequent stops at convenient stores for munchies.

Ford Hemp Car


Sure, Scott Brown is a milquetoast GOP squish.

But I’m maxing out my contribution after this awesome joke.

Brown: Secret Service For Santorum The First Time He’s “Used Protection”


And that’s the point, says Paul backer Aaron Libby, a Maine state representative. The Paul campaign “is a liberty organization,” he says. “It’s all about the message; Congressman Paul is the messenger. This is not going to end with Congressman Paul; this is only going to grow.”

Is Ron Paul Winning?


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