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December 31, 2011 / Political Fluency

The Year-End Wit & Wisdom of G-Eminem

Happy New Year!



The fast-approaching economic collapse has caused me to think more seriously about holding on to worn or slightly out-of-date clothing instead of giving it to charity. In the coming epoch, clothing will be one of the more sought-after barterable assets.


Recent events have served to remind us all of the old truism that politics is like Hollywood for ugly people.

Comment – And Hollywood is politics for stupid people.


Soul-sucking, hope-crushing, ironclad prediction of 2012 #1: Willard Romney WILL be the Republican nominee. Marco Rubio will be his running mate. He will be north of 340 electoral votes and become the 45th president of the United States.


Embrace the horror before it destroys you. Oh, wait. It will destroy you either way.


Soul-sucking, hope-crushing, ironclad prediction of 2013 #1: We’ll still be waging multiple wars on several continents, the economy will be hemorrhaging jobs, we will be adding another $2T to the national debt. And the same people who today decry the state of the union will be telling us how much better everything has become.


““War is the health of the state,” warned writer Randolph Bourne. Conservatives wage it at their peril. Small government and militarism are incompatible. Moreover, Mr. Paul understands the seminal truth of our time: We are broke. Like imperial Britain and ancient Rome, America is being bled to death, unable to sustain its global ambition. The welfare-warfare state is doomed to collapse.”

Ron Paul’s moment


“Calling someone “isolationist” because they resist promiscuous use of military force is like calling someone a recluse or a hermit because they avoid fistfights.” ~Matthew Rothchild


“….and I’m snookered if I can think of a single modestly prominent blogger anywhere in the Minnesota blogosphere who I’d identify as a “Ron Paul” blogger. Gary Miller – he of the late and lamented Truth Vs. The Machine – would qualify, but he’s given up blogging. It’s a shame; he’d be great.”


True North – Occasionally-Asked Questions: “Why Doesn’t True North Write About Ron Paul?”


“Want to have fun? Call up the Social Security Administration and ask how much money is in your “account.”” ~David Burge


Comment – MF Social Security


G-Eminem – Social Security: because a wealth transfer scheme from the productive to the idle has always worked out well.


“US male life expectancy: 75.7 white, 69.7 black. On average whites live > 2x longer past 65. Social Security=most racist fed program ever.” ~David Burge


Comment – BS!


G-Eminem – Care to elaborate? Burge’s point is that a white and a black worker who earn identical wages over their lifetime will make the same “contributions”, but statistically speaking, at retirement, the black worker will recoup less than half of what the white worker does. Social Security is a wealth transfer program from the productive to the idle and from the black to the white.

If, however, both workers had individual accounts, both would enjoy exactly the same benefits and both could bequeath the balance to their family upon death.


Comment – Your second point is the salient one. There is nothing unequal about social security, it is just a piss poor concept. It is fundamentally socialistic as is every program conceived by the “New Deal” which was a giant opening to socialism. The Constitution needs to simply be followed. To invoke the notion that socialism is racist is like saying candy bars are racist. Same for social “security”…it is an equal opportunity destroyer of wealth.


G-Eminem – Unless the above figures are wrong, it seems to be twice as effective at destroying the wealth of black folks than it does of white folks.

Comment – If “black folks” took better care of themselves that equation may quite easily be flipped. The notion that because one race is dying statistically earlier than another, hence a social program is statistically racist to them is just so fundamentally flawed as to be laughable…hence the analogy of the candy bars…if you eat too many of them you’re going to suffer ill effects…it’s not the candy bars fault…gimme a break! Lets take that ridiculous notion one step further. If Asians are living longer than whites, the Earth is racist.


G-Eminem – I am far too dim to grasp your analogy about the earth.

For the uninitiated, Bunge, a.k.a. IowaHawk is one of the foremost conservative political humorists around. His point is NOT that an unsentient social program harbors ill-will toward a particular race. His point is that SS is a raw deal for all, but that because of life expectancy of blacks and whites, it is a particularly raw deal for black folks in the aggregate. On that point, there can be little debate.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Santa leaves a sense of humor under the tree for you this year.


We can be grateful that when a female politico is sleeping with her subordinate, there are no cigars being inserted in the male urethra.


He, like, totally had it coming.

Lee County Deputies Tied Suspect to a Chair, Gagged Him, and Pepper-Sprayed Him to Death


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there’s a high correlation between those who are Tebow fans and those who like the movie ‘Dolphin Tale’.

Comment – Actually, I think the correlation is between those who like Tebow and who like Chariots of Fire.


G-Eminem – Because it looks like he is running in slow motion?


All Tebow fans who thought his lucky run would never end & cant understand why he sucks now: Google “regression to the mean” ~Tucker Max


Christmas Day is kinda like Black Friday for Chinese restaurants.


The warfare state is every bit as ravenous as the welfare state – and much more deadly.

“Five of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s 41 national security and foreign policy advisers have links to companies that last year alone re…ceived at least $7.9 billion in federal contracts, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Government analyst Christopher Flavelle. Of that, $7.3 billion came from the Department of Defense.”

Republican Security Advisers Tied to $40 Billion in Contracts – Businessweek


Comment – “Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.”
― Frank Zappa


“The people have had all the war, all the taxation, and all the military service they want.” ~Calvin Coolidge


First Class is as habit-forming as crack. Which is why AA just gave me a free sample.


I hear #Newt Gingrich wept today in a public forum. My only regret is that I didn’t cause it.


Twitter is a lot like Vegas. Hot girls who would normally have nothing to do with me anywhere else suddenly want to follow me.


Government is evil, exhibit #32485

How $31 of pot gave mom a 10-year-prison sentence


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