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November 14, 2011 / Political Fluency

The Bi-Weekly Wit & Wisdom of G-Eminem

This will be a weekly segment, just got busy last week.

-P. Fluency

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” ~Winston Churchill


America to Barnanke: you suck.

Americans Trust Small-Business Owners Most on Job Creation

Americans have the highest levels of trust in small-business owners’ and local business leaders’ opinions on how to create jobs, and trust the opinions of corporate executives, congressional leaders, and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke the least.


Look, I think Jesse Ventura is a horse’s ass and entirely too hasty to both eschew the judicial process and spurn his citizenship. But I am even more dismayed at how many of my conservative brethren are more eager to bid him goodbye to Mexico than they are to applaud his apt description of creeping fascism.

Ventura, miffed by court, says he’s off to Mexico

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is so upset by the dismissal of his airport security lawsuit that he threatened Friday to apply for dual citizenship so he can spend more time in his beloved Mexico — or run for president of what he labeled “the Fascist States of America.”


The next stage of the crisis is about to unfold.

Brace yourselves.

Prime Signs of Pain Emerge

Indexes that track the performance of mortgages taken out by credit-worthy borrowers have fallen an average of 5% in a little over a month.


Hey, kids, click on the link below to vote on which moral reprobate won the Cain-Gingrich debate tonight!

Who won the Cain-Gingrich debate? – Hot Air


G-Eminem doesn’t always agree with George Will. But if patience is a virtue, few men are more virtuous than this man who has voluntarily surrounded himself with a panel of idiots and know-nothings for a quarter-century and never walked off the set or flipped over the table in utter frustration.


“…credit quality in the municipal bond market is falling at the fastest rate since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.”

 The Municipal Bond Market Is Imploding – Big Government

Moody’s Credit Rating Service just announced the ominous trend that credit quality in the municipal bond market is falling at the fastest rate since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Data released showed that 5.3 times as many municipal bonds were credit downgraded over the three last months…


I’ve heard just about enough of these comparisons between Aaron Rodgers and God. I mean, he’s talented, creative and good-natured, but he’s no Aaron Rodgers.


Obama ad: “One year from now, all of our progress could be erased.”

What progress was that again?

What if…?

What if President Obama isn’t re-elected on November 6th, 2012?


If only the National Restaurant Association had insisted Herman Cain watch this video during employee orientation…

SNL – Sexual Harassment and You – YouTube.mp4


Herm has had just about enough of these he said/she said, she said, she said, she said, she said accusations.

My Way News – Cain vows to “set the record straight”


Barclays to investors: Italy is ‘beyond the point of no return’.

Note to rest of the modern welfare state: you’re next.

Felix • The latest research from Barclays: Italy is…


Today is the 17th anniversary of my near-fatal accident. For those of you who prayed for me, kept paying me even though I didn’t have disability insurance, delivered meals, worked on my car, sent flowers, shoveled my walk, sent money anonymously, visited me and any other good deed I am forgetting — thank you. I am forever indebted.


Horrible Bosses. Horrible movie.

Still, Jen Aniston.

2.5 stars


A fart in the wind.

Google+ had a chance to compete with Facebook. Not anymore.

Shortly after Google launched its new social network in June, many companies—including several online magazines, Slate among them—attempted to create “brand profiles” on the service. The rush was a testament to Google’s power to drive a flood of users to any new site it launches. Though Google+ was …


A straight up masterpiece. This film will make you contemplate the very nature of existence. You will find yourself teetering between the notions that life is either utterly meaningless and vacuous or god-breathed and beautiful. ‘Tree’ is an amazing work that uses the entire panoply of the universe to lend perspective to life, death and human relationships.

I recommend it with much trepidation knowing that many will find it an utter waste of 2 hours and 12 minutes.

Gary rated The Tree of Life 4.5 stars

From Terrence Malick, the acclaimed director of such classic films as Badlands, Days of Heaven and The Thin Red Line, The Tree of Life is the…


CAST: Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain, Hunter McCracken


“It was one thing when it was about Greece. If you let Italy go off the cliff, you’re questioning why do you have a euro in the first place.”

Market Selloff: ‘Contagion Spreading; They’ve Got to Stop This’

Fears that Italy, the world’s third-largest debtor nation, cannot afford its obligations shook world markets, sending investors into the relative safety of the U.S. dollar and Treasurys.


“Stryker will cut 5% of its global workforce by the end of next year to reduce costs in the face of new fees on device makers required by the U.S. health care law.”

Stryker to cut 5% of workforce

MANUFACTURING Stryker, the Kalamazoo-based maker of artificial hips and knees, will cut 5% of its global workforce by the end of next year to reduce costs in the face of new fees on device makers required by the U.S. health care law.


Free suggestion for this evening’s GOP “debate” on foreign policy: the neocons can draw straws and one of them can make the best case for bloodshed, bankruptcy and empire against against Dr. Paul’s vision of ‘peace, commerce and honest friendship.’ That way tonight can more closely resemble an actual debate rather than a war council.


It should be clear to even the casual observer of NFL football that the NFC North has the best crop of quarterbacks of any division. Cutler is capable of boneheadedness, but also brilliance. Stafford is fragile but rising. Rodgers is god and early indications are Ponder could be special.

U.S. Banks have $4 TRILLION in Eurozone exposure.

It is difficult to overstate how bad this is and how much poorer you are going to be as a result.

Insight: U.S. readies defenses against Europe spillover

HONOLULU/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States is ramping up attempts to safeguard its financial system from a worsening of Europe’s debt crisis, joining nations in Asia, Latin America and elsewhere


I need to change my internet filters again. I’m still occasionally seeing opinions I disagree with.

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