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October 15, 2011 / Political Fluency

Occupy Wall Street Should Join Forces with the Tea Party

Because both groups could get behind a single collective action that would decisively change the dynamics of the argument.

Both groups of protesters have felt that they don’t have a seat at the table because the politicians and the corporations aren’t listening to their real demands while the latter two groups spend all of their time backslapping each other from the board rooms to the country club.

Both groups are clamoring for attention which has led to embarrassing signs and representatives that biased news media has used to discredit their movements.

And now both groups have the opportunity to really Get Attention.

The biggest and fairest critique of Occupy Wall Street is that there is no coherent message. Their own website proves it by listing demands after saying “This is NOT an official list of demands.”

Well they potentially have a big Message that is very simple for people of all political persuasions to take part in. And that is for the movement to focus on the single goal of garnering the highest participation that they can for Bank Transfer Day. Right now it is scheduled for Saturday, November 5th.

On that day, many of the protestors plan to close their accounts that they have with the large national banks and transfer the money into non-profit banks and credit unions. How many people will join them remains to be seen.

But there is the opportunity over the next 3 weeks to have upwards of a million account holders or more withdraw possibly billions of dollars from the biggest banks.

The leaders of OWS – the articulate ones that blog for real websites and have appeared on the news – and the most moderate OWS protestors – especially those in smaller towns – should contact Tea Party leaders. Formulate a persuasive argument in conservative language with all of the red meat buzzwords like “crony capitalism” and show the very important ability to compromise by stepping back from the position that local banks receiving this wealth of deposits have to be non-profit. Then they should dress in their Sunday best, spray some Axe all over themselves, and politely ask the Tea Party to join in Bank Transfer Day and assist in the promotion of it. It’s the exact place where the two movements merge and it will be as effective as the number of participants which would double or triple if the Tea Party got behind it too.

It’s what Occupy Wall Street needs to do right away. It would also make the Tea Party relevant again as a grassroots movement since it has pretty much been co-opted by the Republican party over the past year.

Philalawyer’s excellent piece on hitting the One Percent’s bottomline.


A pic making its way around the interwebs.


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