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September 19, 2011 / Political Fluency

Solyndra is Not a Scandal… Yet


noun /ˈskandl/
scandals, plural

  1. An action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage
    • – a bribery scandal involving one of his key supporters
  2. The outrage or anger caused by such an action or event
    • – divorce was cause for scandal on the island
  3. Rumor or malicious gossip about such events or actions
    • – I know that you would want no scandal attached to her name
  4. A state of affairs regarded as wrong or reprehensible and causing general public outrage or anger
    • – it’s a scandal that many older patients are dismissed as untreatable

Now #2 and #3 might fit a little bit, but that’s only because of the new trend in media of rooting for The Narrative.

We saw this absolutely disgraceful display during Hurricane Irene. The media was literally cheering on the storm to get worse and always talking about worst-case scenarios. It was extremely rare for any talking head to even hope for a better-case scenario, let alone the best-case which is a lot closer to the truth of what happened.

As follows, upon Solyndra’s declaration of bankruptcy after a federal government investment of $535 million into the solar company, the media immediately labeled it a “scandal” despite the lack of evidence of legal wrongdoing or anything overtly sordid.

But so far, it’s merely another embarrassment for the Obama Administration and an excellent illustration of why governments should not interfere in laissez-faire economics. When solar power is ready for mass distribution, then the private sector will rush to profit off of it.

President Obama’s passion for green jobs is genuine and good for the country. However, we just don’t know how to harness energy from other sources on the level that we utilize coal and oil. The problem is because he was raised in very liberal, academic environments, Obama has never seen the Invisible Hand so he doesn’t believe in it.

Solyndra is so far nothing more than another failure of one form of crony capitalism – government subsidizing industries such as solar energy and ethanol with no private sector engine to eventually utilize the fruits of the labor and investment.

And the overreaction on the right has been laughable. Oh one employee out of 1,100 says “Everyone knew the plant wouldn’t work.” Yeah like every employee at every company believes in their employers products and services lockstep. Everyone at McDonald’s thinks the food is great. Everyone at Philip Morris believes they make good products. Everyone leaves a company once China makes the same product cheaper. This is base partisan thinking.

Then again if we find out that something illegal was done by the Administration to help Solyndra because a 39% owner of the company, George Kaiser, is a big Obama donor… then we’ll have something big to talk about.


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