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August 31, 2011 / Political Fluency

Obama’s Second-to-Last Stand

Make no mistake about it, besides the height of the 2012 campaign beginning next summer, this is President Obama’s last chance to make something happen with the economy before his dismal polling on the matter sinks his reelection chances.

Despite needing Republican support to pass whatever bill or bills the plan would entail, Obama started off on the wrong foot by requesting the speech be given in front of Congress on Wednesday, September 7th… during an already scheduled Republican debate. The first debate to feature the new frontrunner, Rick Perry, since he joined the race.

House Speaker John Boehner then requested that Obama move the speech back a day to September 8th using the excuse that votes were already scheduled for September 7th and it was the first day back. The President accepted the new date in an attempt to be conciliatory. Then moved the speech up to 7pm so as to not deliver the speech during the NFL opening game.

Proabably not how Obama wanted to start the campaign.


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