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May 2, 2011 / Political Fluency

A Great Day for America

It began with Pippa’s body and ended with Osama bin Laden’s body while Trump got owned by Obama twice, this was the best news weekend ever.

The past 24 hours since the news of bin Laden’s death have been the most unified our nation has been since the attacks he perpetrated on us brought the country together a decade ago.

The biggest question is what is going on in Pakistan? There was a full acre compound with 10 to 18-foot walls topped with barbed wire whose occupants burned their trash instead of leaving it out on the curb like every other home. This hideout was in the middle of a suburb of the nation’s capitol where retired Pakistani military have chosen to live. This errant structure had to have raised suspicions among concerned citizens and ex-military that wanted to bring terrorists to justice. The problem is that while bin Laden’s neighbors may have been suspicious, their desire to bring him to justice was sorely lacking.

And not just the neighbors, but Pakistani government officials who merely drove 35 miles north from the capitol city of Islamabad – the equivalent of driving to Westchester County outside of Manhattan – should have reported such a fortified building whose tenants are exhibiting such strange and secretive behavior.

Who and what else is this nation hiding from us that compromises our security?


President Obama is to be commended for his strategic decision-making. He was patient when the information was received and he made a risky, but correct decision to raid the compound in order to preserve bin Laden’s body in lieu of firing missiles into a sovereign country’s suburb and annihilating proof of bin Laden’s death should it occur in such an attack. The Administration must release video and or photos of the body to wipe away any doubt about bin Laden’s demise.

President George W. Bush also deserves recognition for ignoring the criticisms to close Guantanamo and continuing to authorize torturous interrogation that seems to have been responsible for some of the initial pieces of intelligence that led to this momentous day as it was years in the making.

The intelligence agencies have been hard at work on this and many other pursuits for decades. This is one of their greatest hours. And it is vindication for having to absorb an enormous amount of criticism during these two wars and the perceived lack of progress in capturing or killing some of Al Qaeda’s top leaders.

The military, I mean, what else is there to say? No casualties even after a helicopter mishap at the beginning of the mission. That is insane. They are the best in history. I thank God for them every day. God Bless America and God Bless the United States military.

“I believe that we will win!”


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