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April 4, 2011 / Political Fluency

Today Should Be a National Holiday

There is a serious cultural problem in the United States.

We see it at worst in the inexcusable ignorance of adult Americans regarding the history of their own country.  It also manifests itself in the relentless market segmentation of advertisers and innumerable niche interests of the populace. Not to mention the increasingly intense divide this nation has suffered over numerous political issues.

It is only getting worse with technology giving us the ability to close ourselves off almost completely to the outside world and letting in only our online friends, gossip and sports “news”, and biased news sites at-best (if any).

Individualism, creativity, and innovation either solely or in small groups are the hallmark of America, but we still need to have things that unite all Americans. This country needs days like today that we can share together and increase what we all have as a common interest.

Today should have been the Opening Day of America’s Pastime. It was the previous two years. And not April 4th, but the Monday of the NCAA National Championship Game.

More and more organizations are choosing between either Martin Luther King Day or Presidents Day as one day off in the first two months of the year. Some employers do not honor either day. This would be a way to have another 3-day weekend for American workers. Ideally it would be a day for families or at least fathers and sons to attend or watch their baseball team play. And then at night is America’s Game at its best.

It will never touch the Super Bowl, but maybe a two sport day could be a tradition we all celebrate.


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