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January 12, 2011 / Political Fluency

This is How We Gon’ Do This

Some props go to ABC News for directly countering the narrative that some whackjob killed people because of political rhetoric.

I feel absolutely awful for this kid. And I rarely see an interviewer hold up a picture from a newspaper to get a reaction which tells me that ABC News had some sort of idea (maybe from the prep interview) that he would become that emotional by simply looking at the deranged killer’s photo.

Now most commentators would see this, determine it agrees with their preconceived notion, and then state “this should be the end of speculation that rhetoric (or whatever) caused these killings (or said event). ”

That’s not what we do here. We question everything. Questions lead to answers which lead to more correct questions, which lead to correct answers. Correct answers are the foundation of knowledge and a pathway to the truth.

Although I believe it is very likely the killer did not watch the news much recently as his former friend here said, how does this former friend know that for sure? It gives us insight into the killer’s thinking and behavior from 2 years ago; that’s all. He has had little to no contact with the killer for 2 years. How much did you change between the ages of 20 and 22?

There needs to be better evidence and testimony before believing something that corroborates with our decided opinion already.


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